Hello fellow Tube System Technicians, Monitors and Businesses.

I currently work at a major hospital in  MO where we have both 6" and 4" Systems. I have been somewhat involved with the tube System one way or another for the last 16 years, I took over our system in 2003 and have made SEVERAL POSITIVE changes to the System. When I first started we were on the DOS program, and a couple years later we went to Matrix. Our system has currently 14 Zones two being SB-zones. Once we went to SB-zones we needed to upgrade our software to TL2005, then I upgraded to TL2006, I did a final upgrade to the TL 2007 and await to see if the bugs have been fixed before moving to TL2009.
Our Tube System is a Swisslog system (Hardware is CTS20 upgraded to CTS30) and we are currently running TL2007 like I mentioned above. I am currently thinking of going to the e-net main boards to allow all replacements, remodels and NEW construction to be placed on the network instead of the COM wires, but the costs are up there and as I upgrade, new boards seem to be developed faster then I can upgrade.. TL2007  is sound but Datapak needs to go, the new TL2009 is suppose to of fixed the bugs that I have had for several years, but, until I find out for sure, I think I will wait before I make that leap of faith, TL2007 has several issues on my system but I will deal with them since I know what most of them are.

I would also like to see my vendor offer better ADVANCED Tech support. All my issues are far more complicated than what their tech support can assist with and I constantly hear, "I will have to send that to the designers, or Software Techs to have them look at it." Well by the time I call several times, the issues seem to take a back burner,

I would love to hear your horror stories, Funny Stories or whatever stories on your Tube System, Like I said before, "I have been in the design and monitoring side of this system for 16 years now, and I still have seen or heard everything".

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